Sunday, August 9, 2015

Data Diet Woes

Talofa Lava,
This week we are on a diet, a data diet that is, because we have used up almost all of our internet data for the month.  Thus no pictures. :(  Our internet comes to this island via a fiber optic cable that is laid under the Pacific Ocean.  There are ships that carry up to 2,000 km of cable and some kind of a submarine that digs trenches and buries the cable as the ship unwinds the cable.  It is really pretty amazing.  If you want to know more there is information on Google.  The bottom line for us is that even though we pay about the same we did at home, we have access to very little internet time.

This is a three-day holiday weekend here celebrating Fathers.  Brent was excited that he got two Father Days this year.  I baked him his favorite cake and we went to a ward party last night where we were served a traditional Samoan dinner.  Unfortunately, much of the food like taro and breadfruit are an acquired taste that neither one of us have quite acquired.  However, there was a fish dish made with coconut milk that was very good, as well as the chicken.

There are chickens everywhere around here but often when you go to the store they are out of eggs.  I asked a sister here how is that they run out of eggs.  "Oh, we don't use chickens to make eggs, we use chickens to make more chickens.  We really like chicken!"  So I asked her how did they keep track of whose chicken is whose, as they wander all over the place.  "Oh, you just call them at night.  They recognize your voice if you feed them.  They all just come running home when called."  I also learned that chickens are used for insect control.  So, there you know more about chickens than when you started to read this blog.

Will post a few pictures next week if we have enough data left.  Hope you are all well.  We are having such a good time, but do miss family and friends.  Have a great week.

Tofa and God Bless!

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