Saturday, April 2, 2016

Reading a 1909 copy of  RLS's "Treasure Island" on his Veranda

Seniors at Easter Dinner (Sideways - sorry)
Talofa Family and Friends,
"Fifteen men on the dead man's chest -
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!  This week as we were playing host to Dr. and Sister Olsen, the Medical advisor for the Pacific region, we stopped at the Robert Louis Stevenson Estate.  Because we had already been on the tour 3 times, Brent and I opted to sit on the veranda with books out of his personal library.  Brent opted for "Kidnapped" and I picked up a 1909 version of "Treasure Island."  It did not take too many pages to draw me into the story. Now I just need to have the time to find out what happens to Jim Hawkins and Long John
Silver.  Luckily I have it on my Kindle, so will finish this great adventure this week.
     President and Sister Hannemann have invited all of the Senior missionaries to their home for dinner tonight.  The plus side was the Jordans came over from American Samoa and the Matagis are here from Savaii.  Because they seldom get in on Senior activities, we planned a beach party complete with a weenie roast, potato salad, marshmallows and 60's music.  Rusty Gillette even constructed a portable bar-b-q out of a tire rim and some fancy welding.  The roasting sticks were made out of welding wire stuck into a block of wood.  The one thing we didn't plan on was the rain with thunder and lightening.  After several plan changes, we finally settled on going to the fale behind the stake center and having our "beach party" with out the beach.  When you get great people together with great food and great music, who needs a beach?  We had a great time!
     Tonight, at the Hannemanns, we are supposed to be having Fajitas.  However, I haven't seen the Hannemanns all day, so hope this is not a repeat of last time they invited us all, and then didn't show up.  Life with the Hannemanns is always interesting.  This week we had the first baptisms on the island of Manua.  It is exciting to see the Church moving into new areas that have
not had missionaries for a very long time.
Rusty's great Hotdog Bar-B-Q
It has been wonderful having the Olsens here.  They are my go-to people when missionaries show up with something we can't handle.  Gary was a General Surgeon and his wife was an ER Registered Nurse.  We can send photos, x-rays, catscans...and get back good advice.  They have been a lifesaver for us since we have been functioning without a nurse.  I really wish they could stay, but they not only help us, but are the advisors for the entire Pacific Island region.  Monday and Tuesday they will be traveling around Upolu with the McBrides checking out some of our missionaries we have been concerned about,  They are also going to go through our medical cabinet and help us get restocked at the local pharmacy.
Alecia with Gary and Linda Olsen visiting from New Zealand 
The Olsens leave on Wed. and my sister, Shauna, and friend, Marilyn, are arriving on Thursday.  I am going to have some girl time with them next Friday and Saturday, which I am very excited about.
     I got up at 4:30 this morning so I could watch General Conference at 5:00 and be ready to leave for church at 7:15 am.  I love hearing the messages from Church leaders every six months at General Conference.  It is like taking a super vitamin for the spirit.  Tomorrow I will get up early again to hear Sunday morning session, and catch the missed sessions on the computer.
     My scripture for the week is from the Old Testament, Amos 3:7:

 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

 Many people today believe that there is not longer need for prophets, as in the times of the Old and New Testaments.  Does that make any sense that God would speak to people in the past, and not have anything to say to us?  I know there is a prophet today who holds the same keys and authority to speak for God as the prophets had in the past.  You can hear what he and those who work with him have to say by listening or reading their messages from General Conference on
     I send my love and hope that wherever you are, you are happy.  God Bless you as you work out the challenges that face all of us in this life.
Tofa - Patty

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  1. Conference was a powerful uplift. So many great messages. I especially enjoyed Elder Bednars comments on retaining a remission of sins, and Elder Christophersons discourse on Fathers. I love reading of your adventure. Happiness is a chioce that I choose to make each day. May your days be joyous....