Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Ward Choir Practice (the hole in the front is
where Brent was sitting)
Talofa Lava Family and Friends,
     Happy Mother's Day!  Here in Samoa Mother's Day is a huge deal!  Tents have sprung up all over town with people selling flowers, white hats and other gifts for mothers.  Tomorrow is a national holiday to celebrate mothers.  Most everything will be closed so families can spend time with their mothers. Isn't that a great idea?
     Since most of the seniors do not have to work tomorrow, we are planning on driving to a resort on the south side for lunch and hopefully a dip in the ocean.  Brent bought me some flowers for Mother's Day, and add a beach day, and you have a great Mother's Day. Boy, we are really going to miss the ocean!

       I wish I had a picture of my own mother to post, as I have thought a lot about her this week.  Brent and I were both blessed with amazing mothers.  I have also thought about my daughters (I count my sons' wives as my daughters also).  They are all amazing young women who work so hard to take care of our precious grandchildren.  Being a mother was the greatest adventure of my life!
       At choir practice tonight I had Brent snap a picture of our ward choir.  Now that's what a ward choir is supposed to look like.   There are no phone calls, no begging or bribing, just an announcement in the ward bulletin, and people just show up.  Samoans love to sing and they are very good at it!
Bishopric provided Mother's Day dinner for ward choir
Bishop Pauga is in Green Shirt :)
     Finally it has started to cool down a LITTLE.  (less hot is more accurate than cool)  However, with the change of season has come the usual colds and flu bugs going around.  I was not spared, and also came down with a cold.  I have spent a  lot of time in bed, as I couldn't seem to stay awake at the office.  Finally I am feeling better today.
       We did have a scare this week with one of our Samoan elders.  He was eating at a member's home and didn't realize that one of the dishes had crab meat in it, and he had a serious allergic reaction.  It took a team effort of the members and zone leaders to get him to the hospital which was about an hour away.  Luckily, the zone leaders had some Benedryl that they were able to get into him on the way to hospital, as he was having trouble breathing.
We don't like those close calls!
Yacht Club is a great place for dinner and to watch the sun set.
Vellingas and Schaefermeyers
         The scripture that comes to mind is tonight is one of my favorites, Proverbs chapter 31.  If it has been a while since you've read this chapter, it is a beautiful reminder of the value of virtuous women.

   10 "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."

       Besides my own mother, my life has been blessed with great examples of wonderful women,  from my sisters, grandmothers, aunts, extended family and friends.   The Gospel of Jesus Christ acknowledges the value of women.  I wish all of my sisters at home a happy Mother's Day.  Although I have made new friends here, I still miss my friends back home and think of you often.  You are in my thoughts tonight.  God bless you and keep you!  Love, Patty  

Sisters at the airport on their way to BYU MTC.
They will be serving in SLC, Idaho and Colorado

Fond Farewell to Elder Davis.


  1. Queen Patsy Bus!?! You can join Maggie! I hope you take the opportunity to ride in it, it would be a whole new adventure!

  2. Your choir looks like our congregation. How wonderful to see so many people who love to sing and don't mind dedicating the time it takes to prepare. You and Brent are two of those wonderful people.