Saturday, September 10, 2016

Peace I leave with you...

Talofa Lava Family and Friends,
If I want to be happy, all I have to do is go sit in my new cubby closet I designed for missionary pamphlets and missionary supplies. The cubbies are on both sides of the room.  This is the same closet where the elders used to store their suits, before we had the mold disaster several months ago, when the air conditioner drain backed up and ruined over a hundred new suits!  I drew a plan up for FM to redo the room, got it approved, cleaned up and recently finished.  I now can easily see what we need to order, and every item has its own cubby!  For an OCD organized person this is heaven on earth!
 The rainy season arrived with September, along with the Golden Plovers.  These are the small birds that fly from New Zealand to the Arctic Circle and back every year, and make a stop over in Samoa for a couple of months.  They fly at altitudes of over 8,000 ft. and can fly for hundreds of miles at a time without resting.  I was so excited to see my first Plover on my walk Saturday, as Brent and I have been watching for them. Since yesterday I have seen several more.
     Thursday we said goodbye to Elder Bybee, and Friday we sent Elder Scanlan home.  His father was one of the guards shot in California last week.  We love these missionaries, and it
Brent, Elder Scanlan and Patty
 is always a tender farewell, with prayers and best wishes sent with them.
     Last week we got a nurse - YEAH!  When a missionary called this week and said, "Sister Ellsworth, my companion has this strange thing growing on his back," I was more than happy to say, "Elder, let me transfer you to Sister Barnes. Sister Barnes is highly qualified, and a no nonsense lady.  The missionaries are in good hands.
     My work at the Victim Support Center is going well.  I have several ladies from my ward who have volunteered to help, which has take a lot of pressure off of me.  It will also give me a chance to get to know them to see who is committed enough to take over when I leave.  When I look at these beautiful children  
in the shelter, it breaks my heart to know that each one of them has suffered abuse in their young lives.  I am grateful that there is a just God who will dish out justice to the perpetrators of violence and abuse against innocent people around the world; in the end they will pay the price for these heinous deeds.
      On a little lighter note, we had a great week-end.  Friday night the Seniors visited the Tree House resort for dinner.  We were able to tour the house in the photo.  There are two tree houses built inside Banyan trees, and they are really unique.  The dinner was on on outside patio overlooking the ocean, and as we ate we watched a thunder storm roll in.  This resort is pretty
Brent, the Foleys and Starkes enjoying the beach
isolated, and after dinner the sounds of the surrounding forests was almost deafening, with the crickets and critters singing their nightly serenades.  It was a delightful evening!
       Saturday afternoon several couples enjoyed the "Return to Paradise" resort where we visited, swam, snorkeled, read and had a crab race.  Reed Best had collected several small sand crabs and we put them on one of the blue lounges and then rooted for our favorite crab to be the first to fall off.  It doesn't take much to entertain us. The entrance fee was $30 WST that included a voucher for $30 WST at the restaurant, so it was a great deal.

My Scripture this week is one of my favorite.  It is an assurance that God will make everything right in the end. I understand how people doubt the existence of God, when they see all of the suffering in the world. However, the Lord has promised it will all be made right in the end.  D&C 21:1-8

" O God, where art thou? And where is the pavilion that covereth thy hiding place?
 How long shall thy hand be stayed, and thine eye, yea thy pure eye, behold from the eternal heavens the wrongs of thy people and of thy servants, and thine ear be penetrated with their cries?
 Yea, O Lord, how long shall they suffer these wrongs and unlawful oppressions, before thine heart shall be softened toward them, and thy bowels be moved with compassion toward them?
 O Lord God Almighty, maker of heaven, earth, and seas, and of all things that in them are, and who controllest and subjectest the devil, and the dark and benighted dominion of Sheol—stretch forth thy hand; let thine eye pierce; let thy pavilion be taken up; let thy hiding place no longer be covered; let thine ear be inclined; let thine heart be softened, and thy bowels moved with compassion toward us.
 Let thine anger be kindled against our enemies; and, in the fury of thine heart, with thy sword avenge us of our wrongs.
 Remember thy suffering saints, O our God; and thy servants will rejoice in thy name forever.
 My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment;
 And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes.
 I love the peace the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ brings into my life.  I send my love to all and wishes for a safe week.  
Alofa Atu, Patty


  1. That tree house is amazing!

    And I love the cubbies too- now you just need labels so that when a box is empty people can remember what is supposed to go in there!

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