Saturday, November 19, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

L-R: Patty, Elders Seigafo & Cassinat, Brent
Talofa Family and Friends,
      Transfer week went amazingly smooth, I think we have just about got it down, just in time to leave.  We had a total of 14 missionaries from the Provo and NZ MTCs arrive on Tuesday, with only one bag lost in route, which Fiji air eventually delivered.  They were fed both with Afalua's wonderful cooking and with spiritual direction from President Hannemann.  Wednesday and Thursday we had missionaries going every which way via ferry and vans, with everyone arriving safely at their new destinations.
      With only 2 1/2 weeks to go we have started our good-byes.  Before our mission I would have never said that I was thankful for FB, as I had very little use for it.  Now it is my lifeline to many new friends and missionaries we have met here and who have returned home, as well as to friends and family from home.  As missionaries come into the office we try to get a photo to remember them by.  It's hard not to fall in love with every one of them, when I see how hard they work both in the very hot Samoan sun or trudging through muggy rainy days.  It seems like they are always hungry, and we are more than happy to feed them when we can.
Elder Ete, Brent, Miriama, Patty, Elder Stevenson
            This week has been special as we have had the opportunity to continue to help teach and baptize Miriama Oge.  Brent was over the moon when she asked him to baptize and confirm her.  She was baptized yesterday afternoon, and confirmed this morning. It is a great way to end our mission.  She is yet another person here who will keep a piece of our hearts as we return home to Las Vegas.
Elders Ete, Tua, Mounga, Stevenson & Talatau (L-R) with
their broom in progress
     Friday night we were surprised when 5 hungry Elders showed up for Miriama's baptism interview.  While she was being interviewed, Brent made the other Elders help him strip palm leaves on the front porch so he can make a Samoan broom when he gets home. (No, he is not taking orders!) Meanwhile, I ran to Mr. Chippy's for Fish and Chips for 8.  While I was waiting for my order the cafe's lights went out because they ran out of cash power.  Here in Samoa you have to pay your electricity up front. As soon as your credit is gone your electricity goes off.  I was surprised when business seemed to go on as usual using lights from cell phones and 1 lantern.  I offered to go and pay their cash power, but was told someone had already been called.
Balloon Volleyball with Primary Kids
        Saturday morning we had a party for our Primary kids.  After two hours of musical chairs, jump rope, balloon volleyball, pictionary, Ricky Ticky Bear and stomping balloons out I was exhausted.  (The best part was watching Brent trying to teach the kids how to jump rope!) We had pizza, root beer floats, and cake before sending them home.  We were excited when almost all of our kids came, and even though it was tiring we all had a lot of fun. I wish we would have gotten a picture of all of the kids before the boys left.   We LOVE our primary class!
Sun setting on both Upolu and our mission :(
        I have had several people ask about our ETA in Las Vegas.  We leave Samoa on Dec. 8th and fly to Auckland NZ.  We will be in NZ for 10 days, and return to Las Vegas on Sunday Dec. 18th at about 6:30 pm.  We are hoping that NZ will have stopped rocking and rolling by the time we get there.  The damage done by the 7.9 earthquake this week in some parts of the country made me realize how vulnerable we all are. After arriving home, we are planning on a very low key Christmas and a pretty hectic two weeks to get several things done before the first of the year.  Our home ward has asked us to speak in Sacrament Mtg. on Jan. 8th.  I am not sure what time the meeting is, but will post later.  I am trying to brace for the cold I know that awaits us.
      Happy Thanksgiving to our Family and friends in the states who will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week.  We are planning our dinner for Saturday so the temple workers can participate.
     Psalms 92 expresses gratitude and is my scripture for the week.  I am thankful for the incredible opportunity it has been to serve in Samoa for the past 17 months with Brent.  I am also thankful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that blesses my life everyday.  I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ and for his great atonement, for Heavenly Father's Plan of Happiness that makes it possible for families to be together for ever, for the blessings of health and especially for the blessings that have come to me through incredible family and friends.

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High:  To shew forth thy loving kindness in the morning, and thy faithfulness every night,  Upon an instrument of ten strings, and upon the psaltery; upon the harp with a solemn sound.  For thou, Lord, hast made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands.

Alofa Tele, Patty



  1. Miss you both so much hope you arrive home safely

    Your Samoan Daughter :-)

  2. This is such an inspiring blog,

    Thanks for all that you do. We love and miss you heaps.