Sunday, July 5, 2015

Amazing Week at Provo MTC

Do you think we will both fit on that dot at the same time???

Just a few of the 80 Senior Missionaries that arrived the same day we did.
Tomorrow they are expecting an additional 121 new ones!
Many of these Seniors are on their 2nd, 3rd, 4th missions :)
They are going everywhere from Central Asia to Hawaii.
I had no idea when we arrived at the MTC last Monday that we were in for such an amazing experience.  We share the campus with 1600 young men and women, most 18 - 20 yrs. old from all over the world.  Every Wednesday some of them leave to their serve their missions to different parts of the world from where they came.  We have met a cute Sister Lee from Seoul, So Korea who hardly speaks any English.  She will be serving in the Las Vegas West Mission.  Sitting at the table were her friends from Japan and Beijing, China. Beijing has two wards with over 200 members, most of them Chinese!  It was amazing to see the love these girls have for each other, since if you remember your World History, Korea, Japan and China are not great fans of each other.  The Gospel brings everyone together in love as sons and daughters of God.  "Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God..." (Acts:17:29)

We have also met several young people who are headed off to Samoa in a couple of weeks.  They stay longer to learn the language.  Brent and I are trying to learn the language with the help of a computer program.  It's quite comical!  So far we know how to say "O i ma ua o ni faife' autala i o Iesu Keriso."  Translated that is "We are missionaries of Jesus Christ."  We also know a few words, but it is very difficult.  It is amazing that these young people are here for 9 weeks to learn their new language and then sent off to preach the gospel.

Yesterday we had a bit of a break for the 4th of July.  We spent the afternoon playing 5 Crowns with another couple, the Harringtons from Idaho, who are headed to the Philippines (They served their first mission in Hong Kong).  In the evening Brent and I had tickets to the Freedom Festival at the BYU Stadium.  Montel Williams was the emcee.  He told some inspiring stories of heroes today and there was a beautiful tribute to the Armed Forces.  Two black hawk helicopters flew over along with three vintage planes, which was very exciting.  Four paratroopers, streaming flags, managed perfect landings in the middle of the stadium.  The rock group "Journey" was the headliner and there were several other huge productions numbers including a display of what happens to 1500 bottles of Coke when you drop Mentos in them - quite a spectacular mess and a real contrast to the rest of the week! The finale of course were the fireworks that went on for at least 20 minutes with hardly a break.  I love this country!

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