Sunday, July 12, 2015

Tender Mercies from the Lord

I was dreading our 28 hr. journey to Samoa but we are almost there with no problems and many blessings.  My sister suggested we take a clean set of clothes in our carry-on, and the young man seated next to us on the plane told us about a lounge in the Auckland airport with showers and places to lie down.  A friend at the MTC mentioned an over the counter prroduct that had helped her with leg cramps.  We picked some up before leaving. Since the temperature in Auckland today is 3 degrees C sightseeing was not an option.  However, four more hours of sleep, plus a hot shower (with heated towels) and a buffet of yummy food has made our 8 hr layover a pleasure.  We will be board our last 3 1/2 hr flight in about 1 hr. rested, which will be a great way to start our mission.

It would be easy to credit luck with Caryns suggestion to pack extra clothes, the referral to the lounge,  and the passing comment on leg cramps. I see them as examples of tender mercies that we receive every day from the Lord.  Last night on the plane was the first time in two weeks that I didn't suffer with leg cramps, I count that as an answer to my prayer.  

Before we boarded the plane in SLC, Brent's mission president, Mike Neider, came to see us off.  It was wonderful to see him and we appreciated the effort he made to get to the airport.  Another great blessing in our lives are the association with amazing people who serve as examples of people living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

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